Turns out nuclear testing is a BAD thing

Having a bad day? Spilt coffee over your new shoes? Neighbours playing loud music? Computer on the blink? No matter how bad your day gets, take pity on the poor inhabitants of Earth in The Day The Earth Caught Fire. In their version of the early 1960s, massive nuclear tests have sent the planet spirallingContinue reading “Turns out nuclear testing is a BAD thing”

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

The Godfather. Probably one of the greatest films ever made. It has seeped into so much of popular culture that there are references to the film in everything from Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith to The Rugrats Movie. So in this introduction to the latest 101 Films Podcast, the temptation isContinue reading “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

Sean Connery in a wedding dress: what more do you want?

Are you feeling lost? Does your life feel strangely empty and without meaning? Even those confident types at 101 Films have suffered from this modern-day lack of spirituality. Well no more, for they have heard the word of God, and that word is ZARDOZ! Yes this week Lewis and Ian pay homage to the giant-stone-flying-headContinue reading “Sean Connery in a wedding dress: what more do you want?”

What if Elvis was still alive… and acted like Bruce Campbell?

Imagine if Elvis was secretly alive. Imagine if JFK was also secretly alive and he was in the same old people’s home as Elvis. And JFK had been dyed black. And they had to team up to fight an ancient Egyptian Mummy that was stealing souls. That’s an impressive imagination you’ve got there. This weekContinue reading “What if Elvis was still alive… and acted like Bruce Campbell?”

So Captain Von Trapp, where do you keep your boat?

The hills are alive with the sound of montone singing and badly played ukulele – yes, this week Ian butchers a classic song from The Sound of Music, we ponder the mystery of exactly what naval captains get up to without a navy, and we wonder what happened to the lovely Liesl. Plus, we revealContinue reading “So Captain Von Trapp, where do you keep your boat?”

It’s the 101 Films 2011 Christmas Special!

CHRISTMAS!!! Tis the Season for 101 Films to throw off the shackles of their self-imposed rules and talk about films they’ve both seen. Yep, Lewis and Ian discuss their top ten Christmas films, plus the usual nonsense including such festive topics as acid rain, Christmas lesbians, murder and what the name of the Scottish oneContinue reading “It’s the 101 Films 2011 Christmas Special!”

It’s like a Disney film, but with more man-eating snakes

With Christmas just round the corner 101 Films gets in a seasonal mood by watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. Lewis and Ian discuss what a good un-Disney Disney film it is, what the British holiday lands might be, Tim Burton films and Edward Hands-Hands. Next week, our proper bona-fide Christmas Special! Without further ado, here’sContinue reading “It’s like a Disney film, but with more man-eating snakes”

Hey! It’s Tommy from 3rd Rock From The Sun!

This week we look at Inception, the slightly trippy dream heist film. Other than a very long discussion about what dreams feel like, Lewis and Ian look at some Listener Letters, shush each other, and spend much of the podcast mispronouncing the name of pretty much every single actor in Inception. This podcast is ‘featured-up’Continue reading “Hey! It’s Tommy from 3rd Rock From The Sun!”