Christmas Special 2013: Scrooged Commentary

For our third Christmas Special we thought we’d try something a little different. This year, rather than talk about Christmas films past and present, we decided to do a DVD commentary – something we’ve been talking about for ages but haven’t got round to doing until now. And what better film to ‘commentarize’ on thanContinue reading “Christmas Special 2013: Scrooged Commentary”

It’s the 101 Films 2012 Christmas Special!

For any listeners/readers who have Scrooge-like tendencies (Scrooge before the ghost visits of course), this might be the podcast for you. Although Lewis and I love Christmas – this is in fact our 4th Christmas Special podcast, we did two for 101 Video Games That Made My Life Slightly Better (see here and here) andContinue reading “It’s the 101 Films 2012 Christmas Special!”

It’s the 101 Films 2011 Christmas Special!

CHRISTMAS!!! Tis the Season for 101 Films to throw off the shackles of their self-imposed rules and talk about films they’ve both seen. Yep, Lewis and Ian discuss their top ten Christmas films, plus the usual nonsense including such festive topics as acid rain, Christmas lesbians, murder and what the name of the Scottish oneContinue reading “It’s the 101 Films 2011 Christmas Special!”