The first film Lewis remembers watching is Mary Poppins, which he believed to be a documentary about Edwardian London; it wasn’t until he started school that he realised the disappointing truth. Sometimes he looks out of the window late at night, hoping to spot a cavorting chimney sweep leading a dance routine across the neighbours’ rooftops.

Although he very briefly studied film at university, Lewis in no way claims to be an expert on movies: in fact, he’s just as clueless as his befuddled companion. However, thanks to his top-notch university education, Lewis does know what ‘mise en scene’ means.

As well as churning out podcasts for ‘101 Films…’, Lewis co-writes the Victorian-themed video game blog ‘A Most Agreeable Pastime‘.


Although taken to see ET when he was two years old, the first film Ian remembers watching at the cinema was GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords. Despite the poor animation (and the traumatising death of Optimus Prime six months later in Transformers: The Movie, which he forced his poor Dad to take him to see), the 5-year-old Ian became hooked on the magic of film.

A few decades later and the 30-something Ian has seen lots of films, but have any of them matched that first experience of watching the GoBots movie? Yes, of course they have. GoBots was rubbish. Rock Lords? Robots that turn into rocks? How did anyone think that was a good idea?

Ian doesn’t know what ‘mise en scene’ means, but he’s pretty good at bluffing.

Lewis and Ian previously wrote ‘101 Video Games That Made My Life Slightly Better‘.


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  1. Thanks guys. I was listening to Triplets for only a few minutes when I detected a change in your podcast’s dynamic sound range. Definitely an improvement. Thanks for the mention. I love that movie especially the cyclist’s mom and the weighing and that nasty glob of food he was allowed. I just converted another listener for you here in the states. Allen in Ohio

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