It’s the 101 Films 2012 Christmas Special!

Die_hardFor any listeners/readers who have Scrooge-like tendencies (Scrooge before the ghost visits of course), this might be the podcast for you. Although Lewis and I love Christmas – this is in fact our 4th Christmas Special podcast, we did two for 101 Video Games That Made My Life Slightly Better (see here and here) and last year we did our first 101 Films Christmas Special – we appreciate that not everyone gets as full of festive cheer as we do. So after discussing films which are about Christmas last year, this year we look at films that just use Christmas as a setting. So you can have tinsel and turkey in the background, but no character can learn the true meaning of Christmas. Luckily there’s a surprising number of films like this, including some of our favorites. That’s right, we finally have an excuse to discuss Die Hard and Gremlins!

We also take the opportunity to cast our collective uninformed eye over some of the big films of 2012 and what there is to look forward to in 2013. To summarise, this year was superheroes and franchises, next year its superheroes and franchises. The magic of film…

So, let’s hand the rest of this post over to a friend of the show, St Nicholas. That’s right, Santa Claus himself!

Real Santa ClausHo, ho, ho! It’s Father Christmas here! MERRY CHRISTMAS, ho, ho, ho! Lewis (nice) and Ian (naughty) have asked me to give all the boys and girls who listen to 101 Films an early Christmas present. So I’ve looked through your Christmas lists and it seems that all of you wanted the 101 Films 2012 Christmas Special!

So for all the nice children out there (Ms Rainbow Fudge, Claire Curie, Eoin Boyle) and even for the naughty ones (the fellas at The Crash and Burn Podcast) here’s this year’s Christmas special:

If I’ve given you an MP3 player why not click here to download and listen on that:

101 Films Special 06 – Christmas Special 2012

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Thanks Santa! And thanks to all those who have listened to our podcasts and suggested films over last 12 months. Lewis and I really appreciate it and hope you continue to enjoy our ramblings and support us. Merry Christmas everyone!

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