Happy New Year 101ers!

Tch, this isn’t very good is it readers/listeners? First week of 2013 and Lewis and I haven’t got a podcast for you. The thing is we did record one, but on New Year’s Eve, at the stroke of midnight, Lewis and I (at our swanky New Year’s Eve party in old London town) made a resolution to only put out podcasts that were funny, thoughtful, interesting and well researched. Not only that but Ian was going to start pronouncing names correctly, Lewis was going to only use the word ‘interesting’ once per podcast and we were going to have features again!

Obviously our latest podcast didn’t quite match those standards, hence no podcast this week.

New Year's Eve at 101 Towers.
New Year’s Eve at 101 Towers.

Don’t worry though 101ers, resolutions only tend to last a week so I’m sure by next week we’ll have given up on trying to be good and go back to putting out the same old rubbish as we have always done. Happy New Year everyone!

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