Mulholland Drive

A great review of 101 Films favourite, Mulholland Drive.


Director: David Lynch.
Screenplay: David Lynch.
Starring: Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Justin Theroux, Ann Miller, Robert Forster, Brent Briscoe, Dan Hedaya, Patrick Fischler, Michael Cooke, Michael J. Anderson, Melissa George, Jeanne Bates, Angelo Badalamenti, Mark Pellegrino, Lori Heuring, Billy Ray Cyrus, Missy Crider, Chad Everett, Monty Montgomery, Scott Coffey, Bonnie Aarons, Rebekah Del Rio.

“It’ll be just like in the movies. Pretending to be somebody else.”

A recent poll by BBC Culture surveyed the opinion of film critics, academics, and curators from 36 countries across every continent which consisted of 177 of the worlds foremost movie experts. They were tasked to compile an international list of the top 100 films released since the year 2000 and come up with the best film of this century so far. It’s no easy task but when all was said and done, the film that topped the list was David Lynch’s…

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Underappreciated actors – Jennifer Jason Leigh


When I decided to resurrect this series of blogs which I began (and lazily failed to maintain) for I didn’t want to set up too many rules. I didn’t want to just feature obscure performers (partly because there are other more knowledgeable film bloggers and writers out there to shine a light into those darker corners). I didn’t just want to talk about character actors as I wanted to give respect to film stars as well where I felt there skills and qualities were taken for granted. I also didn’t want to do the thing that most list articles end up doing, which is to narrow the field down to a collection of the same old fan favourites. It is too early to tell if I will succeed in this, after all this in only the second entry (technically third, but I’ll run a revised version of my Keanu-nu-nu-love…

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Podcast 067: The Orphanage

In our third and final Halloween podcast we take a look at a more recent spooky film, 2007’s The Orphanage. Listen as we unsuccessfully try to avoid complaining about plot holes!

101 Films Podcast 067 – The Orphanage

Happy New Year 101ers!

Tch, this isn’t very good is it readers/listeners? First week of 2013 and Lewis and I haven’t got a podcast for you. The thing is we did record one, but on New Year’s Eve, at the stroke of midnight, Lewis and I (at our swanky New Year’s Eve party in old London town) made a resolution to only put out podcasts that were funny, thoughtful, interesting and well researched. Not only that but Ian was going to start pronouncing names correctly, Lewis was going to only use the word ‘interesting’ once per podcast and we were going to have features again!

Obviously our latest podcast didn’t quite match those standards, hence no podcast this week.

New Year's Eve at 101 Towers.

New Year’s Eve at 101 Towers.

Don’t worry though 101ers, resolutions only tend to last a week so I’m sure by next week we’ll have given up on trying to be good and go back to putting out the same old rubbish as we have always done. Happy New Year everyone!

Fallow Week 2

Unfortunately, owing to a cataclysmic clash of schedules, we’re unable to bring you any podcast goodness for a shameful second week in a row. Rest assured that we’ll get our acts together for next week – the upcoming podcast session has been firmly printed in the diary and circled in red three times.

Look out for a couple of excellent films in the weeks to come, followed by our traditional extended Christmas Special, in which no doubt we will be singing the praises of Scrooged once again.

Thanks again to everyone who’s sent in their suggestions to films. As we will no doubt forget to mention everyone’s names when we eventually reconvene for the podcast, here’s a quick list of some recent recommendations that are currently in the ‘Almost Definite’ list:

  • Old Boy (@msrainbowfudge)
  • Run Lola Run (@msrainbowfudge)
  • LA Confidential (@msrainbowfudge)
  • This Is England (@msrainbowfudge)
  • Kiss of the Spider Woman (@msrainbowfudge)
  • The Iron Giant (Enrico)
  • The Orphanage (Eoin Boyle)
  • Lucky Number Slevin (Robby White and K22)
  • Coraline (Robby White)
  • Man on Wire (Iain Twiddy)
  • Etre et Avoir (Iain Twiddy)
  • The Story of the Weeping Camel (Iain Twiddy)

See you next week (for real this time, promise).

Lewis & Ian

Fallow week

There’s no podcast this week I’m afraid – we’re having a fallow week in order to renew our creative loam and burst through the freshly tilled podcast ground with blossoms of insight in the week to follow.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who’s sent in their suggestions for films to watch – we’ve been ordering DVDs left, right and centre, and we’ve got a few gems coming over the next few weeks, both obscure and not so obscure.

See you next Thursday!
Lewis & Ian.

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

It’s here! It’s here! The long-awaited sequel to 101 Video Games That Made My Life Slightly Better! Well, almost. On Thursday 13th October our new series of podcasts begins. To whet your appetite we have a short introduction to the podcasts: a trailer if you will. As you’ll have guessed from the new title, we’ve followed in the footsteps of Street Fighter, Resident Evil, House of the Dead and Super Mario Brothers and turned from video games to films. And if our conversion is as half as successful as some of those films, then boy you’re in for a treat!

So join us on our new journey every Thursday. We’ll try to get through it a bit quicker and a bit more regularly than the last one. Before we start here’s a short introduction, a trailer if you will.

Click below to listen to the intro podcast directly through this site:

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Podcast 000: Introduction to 101 Films You Should Have Seen… Probably

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