Great article on why GP gets a bad rep – unfairly, for the most part.


Mortdecai (2015) Mortdecai (2015)

What do we mean when we say we hate Gwyneth Paltrow? When I write “we”, I mean me and the people behind the five million hits I got when I googled the words “hate Gwyneth Paltrow,” of which only a few were articles like this one, asking why everyone hates her. Her last film, Mortdecai, didn’t change anyone’s opinion, though (perhaps fortunately for her) her perfectly serviceable supporting performance was comprehensively eclipsed by a toe-curlingly awful Terry-Thomas impression from the film’s star and producer, Johnny Depp.

All celebrities are on the receiving end of online abuse, but even by today’s standards the odium directed at Paltrow seems excessive, out of proportion for someone who is a film actress and not, say, Kim Jong-un. People who have never met her, who have only ever seen her on a screen, feel entitled to call her an “icy bitch”, “shallow…

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