I saved Latin. What did you ever do?

Lewis is back! For the last week he’s been recuperating in St Zardoz, the hospital for knackered podcasters. Lewis has had plenty of visits from 101 Films alumni – Ian, Kurt Humperdinck III and, of course, Tommy from Third Rock From The Sun. Now given a clean bill of health, he’s back to doing whatContinue reading “I saved Latin. What did you ever do?”

Sean Connery in a wedding dress: what more do you want?

Are you feeling lost? Does your life feel strangely empty and without meaning? Even those confident types at 101 Films have suffered from this modern-day lack of spirituality. Well no more, for they have heard the word of God, and that word is ZARDOZ! Yes this week Lewis and Ian pay homage to the giant-stone-flying-headContinue reading “Sean Connery in a wedding dress: what more do you want?”

It’s the 101 Films 2011 Christmas Special!

CHRISTMAS!!! Tis the Season for 101 Films to throw off the shackles of their self-imposed rules and talk about films they’ve both seen. Yep, Lewis and Ian discuss their top ten Christmas films, plus the usual nonsense including such festive topics as acid rain, Christmas lesbians, murder and what the name of the Scottish oneContinue reading “It’s the 101 Films 2011 Christmas Special!”