It made more money than James Bond!

New Year, new exciting 101 Films feature! Lewis and I have come up with yet another 101 Films podcast. We’re becoming like a crisp/chip company with all our various ‘flavours’. Joining our standard podcast (the Ready Salted, if we’re going to stick with the crisp flavour analogy), our Specials (Salt and Vinegar) and our ExtrasContinue reading “It made more money than James Bond!”

Sean Connery in a wedding dress: what more do you want?

Are you feeling lost? Does your life feel strangely empty and without meaning? Even those confident types at 101 Films have suffered from this modern-day lack of spirituality. Well no more, for they have heard the word of God, and that word is ZARDOZ! Yes this week Lewis and Ian pay homage to the giant-stone-flying-headContinue reading “Sean Connery in a wedding dress: what more do you want?”

Womb with a view

Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story has a particular resonance for 101 Films, featuring as it does two egotistical men who love the sounds of their own voices and who bicker and bumble their way through the adaptation of a novel that is confusing, meanders all over the place, and doesn’t really achieve whatContinue reading “Womb with a view”