Womb with a view

Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story has a particular resonance for 101 Films, featuring as it does two egotistical men who love the sounds of their own voices and who bicker and bumble their way through the adaptation of a novel that is confusing, meanders all over the place, and doesn’t really achieve what it sets out to do. We’ll let you draw your own parallels.

This week Lewis and Ian discuss how something can be post-modern before modernism existed, On The Buses, the boardgame Atmosfear, Kelly McDonald’s age, annoying members of the opposite sex and one of the UK’s great comic actors. His name? Steve Coogan (this is a reference to a joke in the podcast, so listen then read that bit again). Also we have a new feature – I’ve Got A Great Idea For A Movie. This one will run and run… Probably.

Without further ado, here’s this week’s feature presentation… Click below:

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Podcast 008 – Tristram Shandy A Cock And Bull Story

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Director: Michael Winterbottom Year of release: 2006 Studio/Distributor: BBC Films/Picturehouse (US) Country: UK

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The first game that Lewis ever played was "Horace Goes Skiing" on the ZX Spectrum. Yes, he's that old.

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