I’m loud, darling, but never cheap

The IRA thriller-comedy-romance is a seldom represented genre in film. It feels at times like The Crying Game is actually two separate movies in one: a sort-of comedy romance bookended by a highly charged thriller about terrorism, which makes for an odd mix. It reminded me a bit of the ending to A.I., where suddenlyContinue reading “I’m loud, darling, but never cheap”

I’ve got a great idea for a movie…

The summer is here! Well, was here as it’s now nearly over! And if you live in the UK then it was sort of here for a week-and-a-half back in June and since then it’s just been raining. Woooh, summer! To celebrate, 101 Films is wheeling out a Special all about that institution of cinema,Continue reading “I’ve got a great idea for a movie…”

Princess Mononoke: Definitely Probably The Best Anime Ever Made

This week we’ve struggled through the fearsome heat in our ‘recording studio’ to bring you a podcast about, by our reckoning, the best animé ever made: Princess Mononoke. Admittedly, I somehow ended up saying it’s ‘definitely probably the best animé ever made’ in the podcast (which, let’s face it, doesn’t even make sense), but inContinue reading “Princess Mononoke: Definitely Probably The Best Anime Ever Made”

Orson, you’ve got a touch of evil on you… no, a bit to the left… look, let me get it

Touch of Evil is a film we’ve been meaning to watch for ages and, thankfully, it didn’t disappoint. Orson Welles puts in an astonishing turn as the corpulent, corrupt cop Hank Quinlan, and the film is also notable for featuring Charlton Heston as the least-convincing Mexican ever (but at least he didn’t try to do aContinue reading “Orson, you’ve got a touch of evil on you… no, a bit to the left… look, let me get it”

Rejoicing in the madness of Mulholland Drive

This week we tackle David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, another reader recommendation (we’ve given up on calling you all ‘listeners’, there’s just such an alliterative appeal about ‘reader recommendation’). Importantly, this gives us a chance to wheel out our ‘news’ jingle, which we always look forward to, so please do write in so we can useContinue reading “Rejoicing in the madness of Mulholland Drive”

The Top Ten Comedy Films You Should Have Seen

We’ve been looking forward to doing our comedy special, as it finally gives us the chance to spend half an hour quoting lines from our favourite comedy films, all the while laughing like schoolboys who’ve just read their first issue of Viz. As with our previous specials, we’ve chosen a list of our top tenContinue reading “The Top Ten Comedy Films You Should Have Seen”

Imagine Jason Statham stamping on a human face – forever

After doing three of Lewis’s recommendations in a row, we decided it was time to do one of Ian’s – say hello to the Jason Statham ‘classic’, Crank. It’s fair to say that Lewis was a trifle reluctant to do this one, but after listening to Ian quote dialogue from the film for approximately fiveContinue reading “Imagine Jason Statham stamping on a human face – forever”

If Dennis Hopper did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him

Our film odyssey continues with Easy Rider, a film that has been rightly heralded as kickstarting the New Hollywood of the late sixties/early seventies and is famous for sending Jack Nicholson’s career into the stratosphere. But is it any good? Well, yes and no is our decidedly wishy-washy answer. In places it barely seems toContinue reading “If Dennis Hopper did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him”

Divine decadence darling!

Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome to 101 films podcast 23, in which we dissect the divinely decadent Cabaret. Lewis first watched this film a few months back with the expectation that it would be a fairly average musical in the vein of Chicago, but in fact it turns out to be a brilliant imagining of the riseContinue reading “Divine decadence darling!”

Natalie Portman’s best film… probably

After what seems like ages, we’re back, back, BACK with some more top quality podcasting… Well, at least average quality anyway. Then again, the ukulele challenge this week is an absolute shocker, so there are definitely at least some periods of low quality, but you can always fast forward through those I suppose… ANYWAY, thisContinue reading “Natalie Portman’s best film… probably”