Online streaming: a step backwards?

I’ve finally given up on online streaming subscriptions. After many frustrations, this morning I cancelled my Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription with an exasperated sigh. I will explain why. I was an early adopter and enthusiastic user of Lovefilm. I remember the dreadful old days, when trips to the local Blockbuster would usually end inContinue reading “Online streaming: a step backwards?”

The Cinema Experience: A 101 Films Special

We love going to the cinema here at 101 Films, but we don’t love everything about the cinema. Overpriced food, tiny screens, stupid ticket prices, surcharges for watching films in 3D when there’s no 2D version available, people talking during the film, people checking their mobile phones… all of these things were sent to tryContinue reading “The Cinema Experience: A 101 Films Special”

Run Lola Run provokes wave of nineties nostalgia

After a two-week break we’re back, back, BACK with a look at the classic German flick Run Lola Run (thanks to @msrainbowfudge for the recommendation). Our apologies for the lateness of this podcast – regular readers will know that we usually post every Thursday, but Ian ‘forgot’ to put up the podcast last night. YetContinue reading “Run Lola Run provokes wave of nineties nostalgia”

Princess Mononoke: Definitely Probably The Best Anime Ever Made

This week we’ve struggled through the fearsome heat in our ‘recording studio’ to bring you a podcast about, by our reckoning, the best animé ever made: Princess Mononoke. Admittedly, I somehow ended up saying it’s ‘definitely probably the best animé ever made’ in the podcast (which, let’s face it, doesn’t even make sense), but inContinue reading “Princess Mononoke: Definitely Probably The Best Anime Ever Made”

I have to say, it’s incredible. You really look like a woman! Does make-up make men beautiful?

It’s the old, old story. Blind masseur comes to town, does a bit of gambling, meets a cross dresser and his/her sister and then brutally murders dozens of criminals. How many times have we heard that tale? And this is the plot of this week’s film, Zatoichi. Cliché! Still, the 101 Films boys found aContinue reading “I have to say, it’s incredible. You really look like a woman! Does make-up make men beautiful?”