The Cinema Experience: A 101 Films Special

cinemaWe love going to the cinema here at 101 Films, but we don’t love everything about the cinema. Overpriced food, tiny screens, stupid ticket prices, surcharges for watching films in 3D when there’s no 2D version available, people talking during the film, people checking their mobile phones… all of these things were sent to try us.

It’s not like everything was rosy in the old days either. At least now in the era of pre-booked seats there’s no chance of queuing outside the cinema in the rain, only to reach the doors and be told the screen’s full. And Ian has a tale about a certain vermin-infested old movie house that will make your toes curl.

So join us in a one-off 101 Films Special in which we moan about the awfulness of going to the cinema, as well as celebrate its special magic. Although we mostly moan, to be honest.

Speaking of which, I realised I actually got my facts slightly wrong in the podcast – the cinema in Watford is no longer a Warner Village, it’s a Vue, and the 3D film tickets aren’t £14, they’re £12.30 (still expensive though). Interestingly, when I checked on their website I noticed they do “over 18s screenings” of certain movies for a surcharge of £1.05. The site announces: “For films without distraction, this is your choice. No ringtones, chatting or flying popcorn.”

Surely there shouldn’t be “ringtones, chatting or flying popcorn” in ANY screenings – aren’t ushers supposed to stop that kind of thing? But of course they’ve done away with ushers now, essentially giving up on trying to regulate the behaviour of people in the cinema entirely. Instead you now have to pay extra to watch a film without being pelted with popcorn. Tch.

Anyway, without further ado, let us present our feature presentation:

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101 Films Special 09 – The Cinema Experience

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3 thoughts on “The Cinema Experience: A 101 Films Special

  1. For a good, cheap cinema experience in London try the Notting Hill Coronet. All films £3.50 all day Tuesday!! Great old school cinema

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