Online streaming: a step backwards?

I’ve finally given up on online streaming subscriptions. After many frustrations, this morning I cancelled my Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription with an exasperated sigh. I will explain why. I was an early adopter and enthusiastic user of Lovefilm. I remember the dreadful old days, when trips to the local Blockbuster would usually end inContinue reading “Online streaming: a step backwards?”

Too many films to talk about

You may have noticed a lack of podcast last week – unfortunately we’ve just been too darn busy to record one recently, what with work commitments and frantic Christmas preparations. On top of that, we’ve been going to a heck of a lot of screenings recently – for once, we’ve actually been too busy watchingContinue reading “Too many films to talk about”

Remembering Legends of the Screen: Blawp

Unfortunately there’s no podcast this week as we’ve just been too busy to record one, so instead let us present the first in an occasional series dedicated to remembering legends from the silver screen. The inaugural feature in this series is in praise of Blawp, the undisputed star of the classic 1998 sci-fi film LostContinue reading “Remembering Legends of the Screen: Blawp”