I don’t think you have this under control anymore

Ah, school. Best days of your life. What’s strange is how you find the same sort of people and stories in every school: the ‘cool’ teacher, the misfit kid, the bullies, the couple who acted like they were practically married, the neo-fascistic school project that everyone in your class gets way too involved in, eventuallyContinue reading “I don’t think you have this under control anymore”

Run Lola Run provokes wave of nineties nostalgia

After a two-week break we’re back, back, BACK with a look at the classic German flick Run Lola Run (thanks to @msrainbowfudge for the recommendation). Our apologies for the lateness of this podcast – regular readers will know that we usually post every Thursday, but Ian ‘forgot’ to put up the podcast last night. YetContinue reading “Run Lola Run provokes wave of nineties nostalgia”