I don’t think you have this under control anymore

Ah, school. Best days of your life. What’s strange is how you find the same sort of people and stories in every school: the ‘cool’ teacher, the misfit kid, the bullies, the couple who acted like they were practically married, the neo-fascistic school project that everyone in your class gets way too involved in, eventuallyContinue reading “I don’t think you have this under control anymore”

Star Trek Into Darkness: 101 Films Extra #01

What’s this? 101 Films ‘Extra’? Something new from 101 Films? Yes, our empire just keeps on growing with another flavour of podcast added to our roster. Our latest innovation? A podcast about a film. Ah. But it is different, as the 101 Films Extra podcasts will take a look at films or anything else thatContinue reading “Star Trek Into Darkness: 101 Films Extra #01”