Seven Samurai and a momentous year for Japanese cinema

Thanks to John Oleszkiewicz for recommending our film this time around – the wonderful Seven Samurai from director Akira Kurosawa. We were initially alarmed by the film’s weighty 207-minute running time, but I can safely say that I enjoyed every goddamn minute – and in fact I wanted to watch it again as soon asContinue reading “Seven Samurai and a momentous year for Japanese cinema”

Redline is an anime roller-coaster ride

After a now-customary lengthy hiatus, here we are with another piping hot cup ‘o podcast, our mellifluous voices poised to sluice through your ears and soak your thirsty brain with ill-informed opinions about a film we’ve only just watched. And Redline is an absolute cracker of a film that may have snuck beneath most people’sContinue reading “Redline is an anime roller-coaster ride”

Princess Mononoke: Definitely Probably The Best Anime Ever Made

This week we’ve struggled through the fearsome heat in our ‘recording studio’ to bring you a podcast about, by our reckoning, the best animé ever made: Princess Mononoke. Admittedly, I somehow ended up saying it’s ‘definitely probably the best animé ever made’ in the podcast (which, let’s face it, doesn’t even make sense), but inContinue reading “Princess Mononoke: Definitely Probably The Best Anime Ever Made”