Womb with a view

Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story has a particular resonance for 101 Films, featuring as it does two egotistical men who love the sounds of their own voices and who bicker and bumble their way through the adaptation of a novel that is confusing, meanders all over the place, and doesn’t really achieve whatContinue reading “Womb with a view”

You can’t go wrong with Gilliam

This week we’re reviewing The Fisher King, but we sound more like we’re in Twelve Monkeys: an unidentified plague has swept across 101 Films Towers, leaving Lewis and Ian as croaky, self-pitying shadows of their former selves. If you can put up with us hacking, coughing and spluttering for 40 minutes, you can enjoy ourContinue reading “You can’t go wrong with Gilliam”

Richard O’Brien, we worship thee

Dark City opens with a controversial voice over that reveals pretty much the entire plot in the first 30 seconds. For many, this ruins what should be a mysterious and bewildering (in a fun way) film-watching experience. So we’re not going to make the same mistake here at 101 Films. We’re not going to tellContinue reading “Richard O’Brien, we worship thee”

Forget it, Jake

The boys over at 101 Films have been given a tricky case to crack – how to discuss a film’s plot without ruining it for those who haven’t seen it. Lewis and Ian do their best as they talk about the stupendous Chinatown. Listen as they witter on about Big Trouble in Little China, CommandContinue reading “Forget it, Jake”

Yugoslavian quirkiness at its best (or worst if you’re Ian)

Hey, do you like whimsical, quirky foreign films? You do? What, really? Don’t worry, the girl/boy you’re trying to impress has gone, you can be honest… You really like films like that? Wow. 101 Films takes its first, and maybe last, trip to the Former Republic of Yugoslavia with Black Cat, White Cat. Lewis andContinue reading “Yugoslavian quirkiness at its best (or worst if you’re Ian)”

I vaaaant to suck your blaaaaaahd!!!

“Yes? Can I help you? Lost you say? And in the middle of Transylvania and in such a terrible storm! Of course you may come in. This is Castle 101 Films. Warm yourselves by the fire. I will prepare some food. No, no, no, it is quite alright, my Masters will insist that you stayContinue reading “I vaaaant to suck your blaaaaaahd!!!”