The world is strange in rendez-vous

There’s been a sophisticated continental air recently at 101 Film Towers. In Podcast 038 we discussed the French film Hidden. We then took a Scandinavian turn with Podcast 040 with a look at Let The Right One In. In this week’s podcast we once more don our stripey jumpers, berets and onions for a returnContinue reading “The world is strange in rendez-vous”

It’s like a Disney film, but with more man-eating snakes

With Christmas just round the corner 101 Films gets in a seasonal mood by watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. Lewis and Ian discuss what a good un-Disney Disney film it is, what the British holiday lands might be, Tim Burton films and Edward Hands-Hands. Next week, our proper bona-fide Christmas Special! Without further ado, here’sContinue reading “It’s like a Disney film, but with more man-eating snakes”