Silent Running: Hicks and Hippies in Space

I first saw Silent Running when I was quite young (about 11 I think), and it left a profound impression on me. The very thought that the earth of the not-too-distant future would be a barren wasteland and that the only surviving plants would be on a spaceship orbiting Saturn absolutely horrified me. As farContinue reading “Silent Running: Hicks and Hippies in Space”

Turns out nuclear testing is a BAD thing

Having a bad day? Spilt coffee over your new shoes? Neighbours playing loud music? Computer on the blink? No matter how bad your day gets, take pity on the poor inhabitants of Earth in The Day The Earth Caught Fire. In their version of the early 1960s, massive nuclear tests have sent the planet spirallingContinue reading “Turns out nuclear testing is a BAD thing”