Oh, well, don’t get technical at a time like this…

His Girl Friday, the subject of this week’s 101 Films Podcast, is famous for many things: the fast-paced dialogue, the way Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell bounce off each other, the streak of jet-black humour that runs throughout the film. For Lewis and I though, the film’s greatest achievement is to introduce the concept ofContinue reading “Oh, well, don’t get technical at a time like this…”

Turns out nuclear testing is a BAD thing

Having a bad day? Spilt coffee over your new shoes? Neighbours playing loud music? Computer on the blink? No matter how bad your day gets, take pity on the poor inhabitants of Earth in The Day The Earth Caught Fire. In their version of the early 1960s, massive nuclear tests have sent the planet spirallingContinue reading “Turns out nuclear testing is a BAD thing”