Always do the right thing. That’s it? That’s it.

This week we discuss arguably the finest film made by Spike Lee, Do The Right Thing. This was a reader recommendation from Eoin Boyle, which gives me the opportunity to say thanks to everyone who’s sent in their recommendations so far. We’re trying to do as many as we can, so keep checking back ifContinue reading “Always do the right thing. That’s it? That’s it.”

The world is strange in rendez-vous

There’s been a sophisticated continental air recently at 101 Film Towers. In Podcast 038 we discussed the French film Hidden. We then took a Scandinavian turn with Podcast 040 with a look at Let The Right One In. In this week’s podcast we once more don our stripey jumpers, berets and onions for a returnContinue reading “The world is strange in rendez-vous”

Halloween Special 2012: Frankenstein Double Bill

Welcome to our Halloween special: a traditional Hollywood ‘creature feature’ double bill featuring James Whale’s 1931  Frankenstein and its (superior) 1935 sequel, Bride of Frankenstein. As it’s Halloween, this week we’re recording in Ian’s ‘special dungeon’, or as he prefers to call it, his ‘sex attic’. We can assure you that any screaming you canContinue reading “Halloween Special 2012: Frankenstein Double Bill”

I’ve been twelve for a long time…

This week, in the first of two Halloween-themed podcasts, we’re looking at the splendidly creepy Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In. Although as Ian points out, it’s not really a horror film, more a sort of disturbing tale of isolation and companionship set against a backdrop of bleak housing estates, but with vampiresContinue reading “I’ve been twelve for a long time…”

She walks in beauty, like the night… only she’s cycling and it’s daytime

It was Ian’s turn to make a recommendation this week, and he came up with an absolute corker: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s A Matter of Life and Death (American viewers might know it better as Stairway to Heaven, although as we point out in the podcast, strictly speaking it should be called ‘Escalator toContinue reading “She walks in beauty, like the night… only she’s cycling and it’s daytime”

In France, they have TV shows about books!

Hidden, or Caché as it was originally called in France, is in many ways a film I shouldn’t like. Indeed, before I sat down to watch it I read the brief description of the film on IMDB and frankly it filled me with dread. I resigned myself to a tough two hours of struggling throughContinue reading “In France, they have TV shows about books!”

‘If you are going to be going… Might as well be coming.’

With all the ‘2012 end of the world’ nonsense floating around at the moment it seems fitting to return to the last time popular culture got itself into a lather over what is, essentially, a meaningless date. Back in the late 90s, society had a diabolical case of PMT – Pre-Millennial Tension. There was aContinue reading “‘If you are going to be going… Might as well be coming.’”

I’ve got a great idea for a movie…

The summer is here! Well, was here as it’s now nearly over! And if you live in the UK then it was sort of here for a week-and-a-half back in June and since then it’s just been raining. Woooh, summer! To celebrate, 101 Films is wheeling out a Special all about that institution of cinema,Continue reading “I’ve got a great idea for a movie…”

Hey! It’s Tommy from 3rd Rock From The Sun!

This week we look at Inception, the slightly trippy dream heist film. Other than a very long discussion about what dreams feel like, Lewis and Ian look at some Listener Letters, shush each other, and spend much of the podcast mispronouncing the name of pretty much every single actor in Inception. This podcast is ‘featured-up’Continue reading “Hey! It’s Tommy from 3rd Rock From The Sun!”