I’m a writer, you monsters! I create!

Right. I’ve watched this film. I’ve researched this film. I’ve recorded a podcast about it, and I’m now writing this short blog post, yet every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME I see a picture of John Turturro as the titular Barton Fink I think ‘Is that Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters?’ I can’t help myself. Look atContinue reading “I’m a writer, you monsters! I create!”

Always do the right thing. That’s it? That’s it.

This week we discuss arguably the finest film made by Spike Lee, Do The Right Thing. This was a reader recommendation from Eoin Boyle, which gives me the opportunity to say thanks to everyone who’s sent in their recommendations so far. We’re trying to do as many as we can, so keep checking back ifContinue reading “Always do the right thing. That’s it? That’s it.”