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Podcast 078: Nine to Five

A very, very belated International Woman’s Day influenced podcast. Lewis and Ian watch the 1980 screwball classic Nine to Five.

101 Films Podcast 078 – Nine to Five


Podcast 077: Boyhood

Recorded on Oscar night, we give our wildly diverging opinions on the hotly tipped Richard Linklater film Boyhood, as well as offering our own, mostly wrong, Oscar predictions.

101 Films Podcast 077 – Boyhood


Podcast 076: Wall Street

This week we look at the 1980s classic Wall Street, a movie that, brilliantly, features a cocktail-serving robot, not to mention the first depiction of a mobile phone in a Hollywood film. It also features that guy from Hotshots and that bloke from Behind the Candelabra.

101 Films Podcast 076 – Wall Street

Podcast 073: Brazil

To tie in with the World Cup, sort of, we review the brilliant Brazil. After being disappointed by The Fisher King and Twelve Monkeys, Ian finally gets why Terry Gilliam is held in such high regard.

101 Films Podcast 073 – Brazil


101 Films Movie Marathon 02 – Tobe Hooper

In our second movie marathon, we take a rare excursion into horror territory with a look back at some choice films from Tobe Hooper’s career. We begin with the chilling but brilliant Texas Chainsaw Massacre, followed by the odd but extremely successful Poltergeist, and end with the bonkers but charming flop that is Lifeforce.

101 Films Movie Marathon 02 – Tobe Hooper