Natalie Portman’s best film… probably

After what seems like ages, we’re back, back, BACK with some more top quality podcasting… Well, at least average quality anyway. Then again, the ukulele challenge this week is an absolute shocker, so there are definitely at least some periods of low quality, but you can always fast forward through those I suppose… ANYWAY, this week we discuss Leon, the slightly creepy tale of a hitman and his 12-year-old ward, with added Gary Oldman action. Good old Gary Oldman.

Without further ado, here’s this week’s feature presentation… Click below:

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101 Films 022 – Leon The Professional

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Director: Luc Besson Year of release: 1994 Studio/Distributor: Columbia Pictures/Gaumont Film Company Country: France

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One thought on “Natalie Portman’s best film… probably

  1. Just saw the uncut version of Leon, I was slightly horrified. The original cut was so much more subtle. and more powerful through what wasn’t said. I’m not sure this longer version would have become such a classic?

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