As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster

Goodfellas posterThis week we’re covering a recommendation from readers Andrew Noname (sorry, I forgot to write your surname down Andrew) and Craig Huffman – the Scorsese classic, GoodFellas.

I couldn’t believe that Ian hadn’t seen this one. Name an Ealing comedy or an odd sixties sci-fi flick and I guarantee that Ian will have seen it, but when it comes to the gangster genre, his memory cupboard is remarkably bare. I mean, he hadn’t even seen The Godfather until he was contractually obliged to do so for the podcast.

Anyway, he enjoyed it, even though his unshakeable sense of societal justice meant that he found it hard to get behind the glamorous portrayal of crim-loving gangsters. To its credit though, GoodFellas shows the grim consequences of all that fun-time criminality – i.e. the risk of getting a screwdriver shoved into the back of your head without a moment’s notice. Nasty.

And that’s the other particularly memorable thing about the film – the remarkable levels of violence right from the outset. It’s made clear that being a gangster might be all glitz, glamour and free parking on one side, but the flip side is a life of brutality and paranoia.

Arguably, Casino (GoodFellas‘ sort-of-sequel-but-not) is even more violent – I can never look at a pen the same way after that scene. I’ll make sure to force Ian to watch it sometime soon.

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Anyway, without further ado, let us present our feature presentation:

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101 Films Podcast 055 – Goodfellas

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Director: Martin Scorsese Year of release: 1990 Studio/Distributor: Warner Bros. Country: USA

Podcast 055: GoodFellas

This week we review the second Martin Scorsese to appear on our list, GoodFellas. Or ‘the prequel to The Sopranos’, if you will.

101 Films Podcast 055 – Goodfellas