We’re all going on a (dum dum) Summer Holiday

It’s hard work producing the most world’s most popular list based film podcast. Fans of 101 Films know the sheer amount of effort and research that goes into each and every podcast. Even the stuff which sounds like they are just making it up on the spot, like the Specials where Lewis and Ian just list 10 films they remember seemingly at random.

It takes a toll. Voices are becoming croaky. A sharp increase in the number of times Lewis can’t think of what to say and so just says ‘yeah, it’s interesting’. Ian’s pronunciation of names is becoming even worse. In short, they need a holiday.

So that’s exactly what the 101 Films boys are doing. For the next couple of weeks Lewis and Ian will be taking a well earned break. The bucket and spade are packed, sun tan lotion is ready to be applied. and handkerchiefs are knotted and placed on head.  101ers, we’ll see you when we get back. We’ll do our best to write postcards to each and every one of you, but you know what post is like on the continent, don’t be surprised if we beat the postcards back…


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