Yugoslavian quirkiness at its best (or worst if you’re Ian)

Hey, do you like whimsical, quirky foreign films? You do? What, really? Don’t worry, the girl/boy you’re trying to impress has gone, you can be honest… You really like films like that? Wow.

101 Films takes its first, and maybe last, trip to the Former Republic of Yugoslavia with Black Cat, White Cat. Lewis and Ian discuss the usual nonsense, including when they first bought DVD players, manure gags good and bad, Ian’s Ex-Girlfriends AGAIN, Blanka from Street Fighter, Ian’s flatmate Paul and the British quiz show 15 to 1. Plus, if you enjoyed the slight air of tension from them disagreeing about Dracula then you’ll enjoy this one.

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101 Films Podcast 004 – Black Cat White Cat

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Is there a film you love (or indeed hate) that you think it’s important for Lewis and Ian to watch? If so leave a message in the comments.

Director: Emir Kusturica Year of release: 1998 Studio/Distributor: Focus Features (US), Arthaus Filmverleih (Germany) Country: France, Germany, Former Republic of Yugoslavia

Published by Lewis Packwood

The first game that Lewis ever played was "Horace Goes Skiing" on the ZX Spectrum. Yes, he's that old.

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