Podcast 082: The Producers

Hello again, long time no see. Here we are with a tribute to the late, great Gene Wilder, with a look at The Producers. Now GIVE ME MY BLUE BLANKET.

101 Films Podcast 082 – The Producers


Podcast 081: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Never let it be said that 101 Films shys away from jumping on band wagons. Especially when that band wagon is hooked up to one of the most successful film franchises ever!

Listen to Lewis and Ian’s thoughts on the the new Star Wars film. Is it better than the prequels? (yes) Does it hold up to the originals? (more or less) Will Ian give it his standard 3 Star rating? (nearer 3.5). WARNING: SPOILERS WITHIN.

101 Films Podcast 081 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens